Customized  Solutions

Acquisition Capital (Dealer Development)

For manufacturer-preferred general managers interested in becoming dealer / operators.

Partner with OEM-identified GMs to buy out current principal(s)

Provide the needed capital to execute acquisitions

Provide expertise and operational development

Structured like investment growth equity buy with annual distribution preferences

GearUp maintains majority ownership with GM as OEM-approved dealer principal

Provides ownership opportunities to URMs (Under Represented Minorities)

Capital Solutions (Growth Equity)

For select, qualified dealers interested in growing their automotive platform and eventually transitioning dealership assets to qualified management team.

Provide growth equity to proven operators who need a capital partner to pursue accretive growth opportunities.

Investment structures that are flexible, based on dealer-specific issues (i.e. family dynamics, corporate structure, exit strategy).

Investment design structure promotes alignment between dealer/operator, manufacturer dynamics and GearUp.

Dealer-centric buy-out options.