About GearUp

Unique equity investment strategy designed to address a growing need in retail automotive


GearUp is different from traditional equity. It is comprised of automotive professionals committed to assisting dealers and OEMs in executing their respective growth and succession strategies. GearUp was created and is managed by automotive people for automotive people.

Why GearUp?

GearUp is a unique investment vehicle designed to generate long-term cash flows in an industry that historically generates above average returns from stable assets in one of the largest industries in the U.S.

GearUp has the flexibility to design unique solutions to address each dealer’s individual growth and succession plans along with the needs of their respective OEM partners.

360 Degree Suite of Expertise

GearUp’s principals, investors and advisory board members are seasoned experienced automotive professionals that share a passion for talent development, opportunity and  succession.

The GearUp team possesses a unique combination of experience and knowledge in:

  • Dealership Valuations
  • Retail Sales and Service Operations
  • OEM Approval Process
  • Candidate / Operator Vetting
  • Merger / Acquisition / Legal

Top Operators

Partnering with multiple proven operators with stable operating histories.

Top Markets

Concentrating investments in upper tier domestics and import brands

Top Brands

Multiple geographic and economic markets throughout the U.S.

Meet Our Team

Read about the individuals that make GearUp successful